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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer IG Battle on @VerzuzTV - My Thoughts

This was the best battle so far during the pandemic! @verzuztv you delivered!

I've been privileged to see both @kingbeenieman and @grunggaadzilla in concert separately.

For fans of reggae dancehall, this was special. To witness two of #Jamaica's greatest entertainers in the same location, with live DJs, clean sound, clear visuals was just perfect. It was like watching them in concert.  I don't  think anyone expected them to be in the same space. We thought that we were getting the typical split screen that we've become accustomed to during these battles with one artist calling the other and they each play their songs and explain a bit of the history of the song. But it was so much more! They were live! They were vibing, joking and genuinely loving every minute, even taking jabs at each other while introducing their songs. It was everything we needed during this crazy time.

Personally, I grew up listening to both and enjoy their music equally.  I don't really care who won. They proved that they each could hold their own. They didn't even do all of their songs, but it doesn't matter.  To see dancehall on IG's platform with 470,000K watching for an hour and a half from all over the world, that speaks volumes. This was for the culture.

They didn't let the brief visit from police stop them  or disrupt the flow.  Beenie wasn't having it. He made sure that  they knew there was a live performance happening in front of plenty people. They left after a few minutes, but it makes you wonder if someone sent them there out of spite.

Real fans will remember this night forever!  Thank you Moses and Rodney.  Much respect.


Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer Clash @Verzus on Instagram - Sat May 23rd!

                          Me and Beenieman, Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica 2007

              Bounty Killer - Welcome to Jamrock Cruise, Jamaica 2019

#Reggae Music Fans!

Are you ready???? Two of the greatest #dancehall artists of the century!



Tonight on @verzuztv

8p ET