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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Alison Hinds vs Patrice Roberts, Wed Oct 28th! @ 8p ET

 Soca music lovers! 

Tonight @ 8p

Alison Hinds vs Patrice Roberts

Stream on the following platforms:

@alisonhinds on IG

@patriceroberts1 on IG

Digicel Barbados on Facebook

Digicel Trinidad on Facebook

Digicel D'play App







Sunday, October 25, 2020

National Jamaican Jerk Day Virtual Celebration on VP Records YouTube Channel - Sun Oct 25th @7p ET!

Happy National Jamaican Jerk Day! 

Check out my IG page @FabChic_MzAllen for some of the recipes that I've been making over the summer which include Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Mango Pineapple Slaw, Jerk Chicken with Spicy Southwest Kale Salad and Jerk Shrimp!


It's all about the sauce! 

Also, check out the two-hour live stream of the “Best of Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival” on the VP Records YouTube channel tonight, Oct 25th at 7p ET! 

It will feature live performances, cooking segments and more!

Check the article here for all the scoop.

Volunteer Position for Manifesto Organization in Toronto - Chairperson, Board of Directors


Hello all,

This Volunteer Position was sent to me.  Feel free to forward to your networks.

Manifesto Organization is  Recruiting a New Chairperson for the Organizations Board of Directors!

Manifesto creates spaces – both physical and digital – that inspire, develop, and amplify diverse communities of young people through arts, culture and media.


Founded in 2007, Manifesto is one of Canada’s premier contemporary youth arts and culture platforms, producing carefully curated programming in music, visual arts, dance and more for over 14 years. Through concerts, art shows, block parties, workshops, summits, pop ups, and our flagship Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture, we reflect the beauty, talent and ideas of our city back on itself – helping to fuel an ongoing cycle of creation, expression and inspiration. We put a focus on cultivating local arts, culture and community both on and off stage – by providing platforms for local artists to grow, enriching experiences and content for young people to share, and inspiring spaces for young creatives to connect with each other. Started and run by young people, Manifesto helps create countless volunteer, internship and employment opportunities – powering a multidisciplinary talent and training incubator for future leaders. We help build careers, foster community connections and nurture civic pride – all while contributing to the vitality of the city we love.

As a registered non-profit, all Board member positions are voluntary. We are grateful for community members who have contributing in the Manifesto Board Chair position in the past: Adrienne Lorico, Miro Oballa, Garvia Bailey, Kehinde Bah, Shavonne Hasfal-McIntosh and Che Kothari.

The Director shall be elected for a term of up to two (2) years. A Director shall not serve for more than six (6) consecutive years, at which point the Director would be required to resign. No Director who has resigned will be eligible for nomination until at least one (1) year has elapsed since resignation.

Please submit applications to board@mnfsto.com by November 1st, 2020 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Click on the link here to Apply