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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Play Dirty @ Buonanotte Supperclub, Toronto, ON - Sat Jun 3rd!

PLAY DIRTY @ Buonanotte Supperclub

4 Turntables. 2 DJs going back & forth, battling to play the biggest songs! Expect the energy level to be on 10 at all times. 

Celebrating the birthdays of DJ Kicks, Jlan of ICanBall.ca & many others! Book your booth to celebrate yours: 647 408 7739

Dancehall Reggae in an upscale, downtown supperclub (rare). Trap music with beautiful people & good vibes (rare). Designed for the sophisticated and fly, who enjoy ratchet music & brukkin out.


$15 on guestlist RSVP here

Dresscode: No fitted hats, hoodies or sporty sneakers. 

2 Henessy VS: $520 or 2 premium bottles $440 (tax & tip included)

VIP Booths are highly recommended: 647 408 7739

We look forward to entertaining you

Location:  Buonanotte Supperclub, 19 Mercer Street, Toronto, ON

Time:  10pm-3:00am

Info:  647 408 7739 or upperechelonstatus@gmail.com

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