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Join The Brunch Group Toronto for the 6th Annual Big Hats and Brimz Brunch, Toronto - Sun Jun 24

Join The Brunch Group Toronto for the 6th Annual Big Hats and Brimz Brunch, Toronto - Sun Jun 24
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Destiny Fulfilled Tour @ Pantages Theatre, Toronto, ON - Thurs Apr 27th!


Led by award-winning entrepreneur and author, Tamar Huggins Grant, Destiny Fulfilled is a global activation and training event for faith-based Entrepreneurs. We will teach you how to activate your entrepreneurial giftings, own your purpose and build a brand that creates impact.


6 PM

Making God Your CEO
Learn what it means to make God the CEO over your business, understand what roles and responsibilities you need to relinquish and why trusting Him will bring you higher levels of success.

The Art of Strategic Prayer
Learn how to identify potential weak spots in your business life, and develop impactful prayers to cover every area of your business.

Spiritual Self-Discovery Workshop
Uncover your spiritual gifts and learn how to utilize them to operate a competitive business.

7 PM

Fascinate Challenge
Understand what triggers you use naturally to fascinate the world. Develop an action plan to distinguish your voice and cut through over saturation in the market-place.

Build Your Tribe
Learn how to create your own sphere of influencers, motivators, and supporters. We will teach you how to identify and engage those who are for you, and how to avoid and release those who aren’t.

Creating Impact
Learn how to use the powerful tools of social media to make people love, trust and support your brand.

8 PM

Destiny Fulfilled Challenge
Learn how and why you should follow your calling and not the crowd. Develop the confidence needed to fulfill your destiny as an entrepreneur. Understand how to identify destiny killers and what you need to do to be victorious.

Prophetic Blueprint Mapping Workshop
Learn how to use The Prophetic Mindset to speak prosperity into your life and business and why God has given you the authority to do so. We will teach you how to expect supernatural blessings and what you need to do NOW to prepare for them.

Location:  Pantages Hotel, 200, Victoria Street, Toronto, ON

Time:  6:00p - 9:00p

For tickets and more information click here

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