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Friday, April 28, 2017

Groov Essentials @ Rum Diaries, Ajax, ON - Fri Apr 28th!

#LEGENDS NEVER DIE... :: i-Quote ::
[The Email you've been waiting for is coming].
:: i-nspiration ::

 :: i-Hear | i-See ::A rumour that the city's favourite party of all time is coming back. Soon.But hey... what do I know?

What's up… TONIGHT. GROOVESSENTIALS returns... where it all started. The East..

What is GroovEssentials?GroovEssentials is a soca based event for everyone who loves MUSIC of all genres and time periods - but find themselves drawn to say, groovy Soca vs jump up. who likes trap, but every now and then needs some Soul. How about the tunes, that used to make you rockaway? Some Lovers Rock? Yes please.

If you're looking to party - devoid of kids with flags, powder and torn tights under jean printer shorts that will require canesten tomorrow. If you're tired of hearing the same playlist consisting of Jump, Tempted to Touch and I Dare You, but recognizing that records like these have a place if mixed well...

Who is it for?GroovEssentials is an event for the upwardly mobile (whether you've "made it" or not), Soca listener who, have found themselves typecast as over 25, and so seeming to only want back in times... Such. An. Untruth.

An event for the young professional, exec and every hard working person, doing what it takes to make mortgage or daycare or deposit for that degree as you retrain yourself or savings as you prepare to send kids to University in the coming years...

An event for those who just wants some nice vibes after a long week - to buy a couple of rounds or a bottle or two with friends and enjoy the sweet sounds of MUSIC. 

Ask yourself...... Are you over 25? Have you found yourself out of place or in a back corner of a big fete of late feeling out of place? You still love it, but just don't have the inclination to go near the stage or into the crowd...?
... Have you found yourself irritated by people wining who don't seem to have body control to not knock your drink out of your hand or badly moving groups?
... Do you like to palance on the spot? Not because you can't but just because sometimes the sentiment is greater than the action?
... Do you know how to wine up yourself, while stopping just short of making yourself a sweaty mess? 
... Do you ever find yourself posing the question, "with all that powder, why didn't someone put some on"? 

GroovEssentials may be for you... It's not for everyone. If you work a job and aspire to promotion and success, are conscious of the places your picture are taken and how it will impact your future... and wish to be surrounded by others of the same mindset...
If you wonder what happened to people knowing what was appropriate to wear out, where, or for their age or size... Or what happened to gentlemen who offer to buy drinks at a busy bar (without expecting your social insurance number and address)...
If you're looking for... An adult environment.Beautiful club.Free parking.Moments from home for our friends in the east.Incredibly MUSIC - WITHOUT PREDICTABLE MIXES 
If any or all of these statements apply to you, you are cordially invited to GroovEssentials. Please consider this your formal invitation.

TONIGHT is for you. 
There's a time and a place for everything - and on the road in Trinidad you're a beast. But in your heels and jeans and fresh from the salon, with your nails just filled, you're not trying to look like you just came from J'ouvert.

AJAX. TONIGHT. GroovEssentials Returns. 

Come thru. It's $15 all night. No fuss. No fight up at the door. Dress code - adult casual. Puma suedes  or heels - dress or jeans with a blouse. Dad hat with jeans and a shirt? Impress yourself and your next, ex or future partner.

p.s. The 1st 100 friends through the door will get the freshly pressed SOUL KITCHEN: SUMMER 
BEGINS CD before it hits the streets... 

Location: Rum Diaries, 368 Bayly Street West, Ajax, ON

Time:  10p

I remain,

Ian Andre Espinet 

ian andre espinet entertainmentcanada's leader in urban nightlife entertainment-
PHONE |  416.293.4812EMAIL |  ian@amnesia.ca


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